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What kind of drive can I send you?

Any sort of external, USB hard drive is fine. I like the smaller, wallet-sized drives that are available now, but I'll hook up whatever you send me. If your drive requires a power adapter, be sure to send it along with the USB cable you use to connect it to your PC.

What does this service cost?

This is a volunteer service that I provide, and there is no fixed price. Rather, I leave it up to you to decide what the service is worth to you. If you've spent any amount of time scouring download sites or Bit Torrent trackers then you can certainly appreciate the "one stop shopping" my service provides. What would you pay to have all of the roms you've been searching for copied to one drive? You decide.

Having said that, you need to send me at least enough funds to cover the postage to return your drive. Any amount above and beyond that will be greatly appreciated - I find that when I can take my family out to dinner or a movie once in a while, they don't seem to mind the extra time that I spend in front of the computer so much.

Where do I send my drive?

Here's my mailing address:

Jeff Bowers
1799 Majorca Drive
Yuba City, CA 95993

You can send your drive by USPS, FedEx, UPS... by whatever means you want. I will generally use USPS Priority Mail to send it back to, unless you specify otherwise. If you insist that I use FedEx or UPS to return your drive, please make it easy for me by including a pre-paid return shipping label. If you can do that for me, then I can make the drive to the local UPS Store or FedEx-Kinko's to drop it off.

IMPORTANT: Please do not request a delivery signature when you send your drive. I know it *sounds* like a good idea, but it usually just complicates things. If nobody is home when the driver tries to deliver your package (which happens frequently), they won't leave it on my porch if you've requested a delivery signature. That's a problem... for you, because I work during the day and can't make a special trip to go pick up your package. I live in a nice neighborhood and don't worry about packages being left on my front porch, so neither should you. And if you send it via USPS, you really don't have to worry because my neighborhood has community-style mailboxes with locked "bulk bins" for packages; the mail carrier puts the key for the bulk bin in my mailbox and your drive is safely locked-up until I get it.

Can I drop-ship a drive to you?

Sure you can. But if you drop-ship a drive to me (you buy it from an online retailer and have it shipped directly to me) then you need to perform some due diligence to make sure I can match up your request with your drive with your payment. Most vendors offer a place for you to specify a PO or reference number when you place your order. If you can put your name or email address in that field, it will help me figure out whose drive I've just received.

Likewise, if you drop-ship your drive to me, you still need to send me some funds so that I can send it back to you. You can either mail me the funds to the address above or use the Donate button below (preferred). Which ever method you choose, be sure to include your return shipping address, so that I know where to send it when I'm done copying your files.

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